today the uk label accepted  my next  album .

 I have to tell you things about life situation and things which happened to me since I stopped alcohol and since I live more healthy . 

Because my old friends quit with me in the way and this is happening since I got 10k Spotify listeners this happened not before where is the situation to people and to my family change rapidly and I feel a lot alone but strong.

Berlin is hard  do you get but has a great freedom.

It’s very sporty here sporty here, You are really able to compose music and to live your own way.

When people from my past quit me it’s not a problem because I have a lot of new contacts, Crazy girls are new music friends.

Corona is to me not a problem I feel very silent and powerful.

A pretty hard thing is not to drink alcohol and to keep the day forward but the advantage is there are no depressions and no bad relations and clear focus but believe me you have to stand very hard in front and not to take on for a drink.

 The music drop is in the way and easy one my dad interviewed me at his lifetime how it is possible to write music and is it a daily job but I think the best quality result happens when you are not doing it every day but it is necessary to write one album a year minimum .

 so my next rap album is at the London distributor and will be released November 2020 .

The way of an artist is a hurtful way with a lot of troubles but it’s a lot of fun to recognise that it’s possible to create a fantastic product by easy ways.

 so if you like smoked watch out for the upcoming music 


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