What’s up wit me


it is extremly important to me to write again in this blog.
Nearly two years ago was the last time.

So, ... what makes that difference, what happened.
I had such cray days till now, believe me.

Most of the time, i am still working just in iOS,
iPad & iPhone, and i had a weird relation to an
arabic female where i was ... most of the time.

In her area, Prenzlauer .. i just found the new
Motor Music offices, which was flashin me a bit.

Till that point i escaped back to Schöneberg.
But i did that cause i was stuck in that bad relation,
which was most sexless and just profilic.

I felt very very bad, energy less and away from
real moving and healthy food.

No chance to find myself with her at all.

But what was really happening till now,
all that two years ...

In 2018 i was realy sporty and gym’d,
but that power ran away from me,
cause i can’t follow up that personality
who was hitting as always the bus to Berlin Mitte
in the High5 gym. i think there was also Motor.de 😀

But i wasnt able to hit that point,
i had my first lucky hit with ‘Smoked’ which ran
viral on Spotify very late after it’s release dec 2017.
It started to be played dec 2018 !!!

Maybe i was shocked by that - i dont know.
I was Elvis, believe me.
I changed more lazy, i ran to doctors who wont help
at all. i needen heavy pills to take sleep late 2018...
What a mistake! But: That GABA Z drugs i used just
2 years, 20 pills. No more. Happy about cause det let me
feel quiet Zombie.

2019 ran very fast away.
i had christmas wit da arabic girl, cause i knew her from an
open xmas celeb in 2018. I took her to bed, u know,
cause i play dat pick up game. She wanted more relation.
I dont know why i was checkin in. Time went by ...

Now 2020, the Corona desaster started, and i was feeling at all down.
God, i am so honest. Even dat CBD stuff wont help.
“ .... thee weeeeed, help me not so much, ... yeah!” 🎶 Smoked line.

I quit the relation after i had so much words to lil friends and services.
And: i stop alcohol. God what a problem dat stuff is.

I am not sure how i will handle this blog futurely. But i will,

I still live the same street in, with the same fights in heavy Berlin.
I wrote my last music in 2019.

It’s all a bit lost, sorry.

But i am up to change!


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